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What is karma?

Almost everybody has uttered the word "Karma" but not so many of us know what it really defines. The usage of the word "Karma" as some westerners' believe, due to the spread of Buddhism lately, often defines as “the effect of bad deeds conducted by us in the past that influences our life in present". Karma in this sense usually implies the bad fate that unexpectedly happens in life. When one is forced to face something that is similar to what he had done to others in the past and it is out of his hands to control, one normally says “it’s a karma"

However, Karma in a sense in Eastern world where Buddhism originated actually means "actions". "Karma " comes from Pali language (A language group which was indigenous to India subcontinent) . Actions, in this sense, signifies both good and bad ones that affects our life nowadays. It includes all kinds of internal actions that one can do according to the Buddhism terms, which are physical ones, words and deeds. The most important that can separate Karma from other actions in life is "intention". Once there's intention to do something, that action is considered as "Karma".

How is the intention involved with Karma? Why only intentional actions? Intention is the sign of awareness when one conducts an action and that is the point of karma.

"Conscience" is the ultimate doctrine of Buddhism.

Karma is neither fatalism nor doctrine of determination but it exists to remind us of what we should do today and how we should accept the consequences of what we did in the past. It reminds us of responsibility we should take for our fate in the future. Intention in this sense reminds us of how we should be aware of our actions today as it will inevitably affect us in the future. When we are aware of what we are doing, the conscience is created. When the conscience is created, our mind will not be easily induced by unwholesome thoughts. At this point, our mind will be developed. We will be more thoughtful, focused and careful of what we are doing at the moment.

As we see, the rules of karma are simple. However, the past actions influence the present, yet it does not dominate it all. In this sense, "consciousness" is the key that will lead us.

Believe in the power of actions today as one cannot choose what to confront at the moment but we can choose what we could be in the future.

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